Zazen-Kai – Zen Meditation

Dates & Times:

September 11, 9-10AM

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Zazen-Kai – Zen Meditation

In these classes, participants will experience zazen-shikantaza (“just sitting”) meditation and kinhin (walking) meditation from the Soto Zen tradition.

The practice involves two periods of sitting meditation and one walking meditation period.  

Instruction and guidance for all the practices involved will be provided.

Drop-in tickets are $15 and include instruction and cushion. "Experience" tickets are $27.50 and include instruction and cushion, plus a beverage (coffee/tea/bottled water), and a complimentary garden pass for a future visit.

Tickets on sale May 1.

PLEASE NOTE: having a good meditation cushion or bench/chair for this class is essential.
If you are not utilizing Nikka Yuko’s cushion or bench, please bring a firm cushion to the class.
Using yoga mats or going “cushion-less” for this class is not recommended.