Do you dare to walk through the garden at night? 

Join us on August 30 & 31 for an evening stroll through Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, but beware of what might be lurking in the shadows...

Family-Friendly Event: 8-10PM

Learn about supernatural creatures from Japan as you tour various stations throughout the garden
Suitable for children ages 8+
No jump scares

Adults Only: 11PM - 1AM

There are countless cursed and haunted locations in our world. In Italy, the island of Poveglia was once used as a quarantine zone for plague victims, then later to house the insane. Both inmates and prison guards of Eastern State Penitentiary, which held some of the United States’ most infamous criminals, reported supernatural experiences during their tenure. But what of Japan? The Land of the Rising Sun has its own demons. Experience one of the most heinous events in Japan’s history during the season of spirits in the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden. Take a guided tour while hearing first-hand what happened in the mountains of Yamanashi from living descendants of those who perished. Not for the faint of heart, only adults may participate.
18+ only
Waivers must be signed prior to entering the garden, not for easily frightened. 

Tickets on sale soon!